Arena is unlocked at Captain level 10.

This is the PVP game mode for users. The AI will fight for players here. Players are unable to control their heroes during the battle. Arena is simply a battle of your Power Level, as well as your strongest heroes.

Players will choose their bet players to enter the arena, where it's a fight to death. The winner is rewarded with items and gold. This is their PVP game mode that unlocks at captain level 10. The AI fights for you, so have no control on what your heroes do in battle. You choose your heroes to enter the arena, where it’s a fight to the death. The winner is rewarded with items and gold. Remember to choose your best heroes for your defense against other players who will challenge you.

Collecting Storm Knight Medal allows Players to shop in the Honor Shop for special items.

Tips on Playing Arena

  • Daily rewards of Storm Knight Medal and Gems
  • Power Level is ranked from left to right with Players that are closest to your power, opponents that are stronger, and Strongest
  • Choose stronger opponents if you feel that your power is high in your Rank to climb faster