Midnight hero
Attack Ranged
Role Offense
Nation The Frontier
Combat Skills
Skills Shadow Roll
Soul Pact
Shift Form
Fury Skills Grenades
Demonic Draw
Bullet Storm

What you need to know


They say that those who live by the sword are fated to die by it, but the duelist known as Brimstone chose the pistol and conquered death itself. Unable to avenge his own betrayal, this dark spirit cannot rest until the Empire is crushed and Skyrealm is free.

Hero Abilities

Shadow Roll: Dodges forward, increasing nearby allies' Attack Speed for 4 seconds.
Soul Pact: A burst of demonic power that increases Brimstone's Physical Attack for 5 seconds, and inflicts a stackable 10-second debuff on any enemies he hits.
Shift Form: Brimstone turns into demon form, restoring a small amount of Fury
Fury Skill 1 - Grenades: Brimstone throws two infernal explosives, dealing Physocal Damage to enemies caught in the blast.
Fury Skill 2 - Demonic Draw: A quick shot deals Physical Damage
Fury Skill 3 - Bullet Storm: Brimstone unleashes an unstoppable barrage of bullets dealing Physical Damage.

Tips for playing Brimstone


  • In the early stages of development, Brimstone's original name was Midnight.