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Heroes of Skyrealm Tutorial Guide About Heroes of Skyrealm: The conquest of the Ten Nations has begun. Strike back in Heroes of Skyrealm โ€“ coming soon for iOS and Android! In a world besieged by an evil empire, only the skies are free. A new generation of warriors is ready to fight โ€“ and with state-of-the-art gameplay, graphics, and sound, mobile action RPGs will never be the same. Strike back in Heroes of Skyrealm, coming soon to iOS, Android, and more!

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Skyrealm is under siege, but you have the power to strike back โ€“ with an upgradeable airship the size of a city! Unlock 30+ heroes and master team-based action gameplay in the single-player campaign, prove your skills in challenging co-op and versus modes, and protect your floating island fortress with tower & trap strategy. With an anticipated Q3 release, 2016โ€™s most exciting mobile release is almost here. Are you ready?

When it comes to action RPG gameplay, one hero is good โ€“ but three heroes are better! And with a colorful cast of over 30 unique heroes, each with 6 combat abilities, building the perfect team is easy. Drawn from the Ten Nations, distinct cultures inspired by a wide range of genres, the Heroes of Skyrealm are larger-than-life characters that raise the bar for mobile design, animation, and storytelling. Unlockable comic vignettes reveal a rich web of friendships, rivalries, and humor. And because mixing and matching is half the fun, Heroes of Skyrealm encourages experimentation. Swap out characters whenever you like โ€“ new heroes are ready to fight without any grinding!

In the world of Skyrealm, the roots of war run deep. Dynamite Entertainment and Mechanist Games present Heroes of Skyrealm, an exclusive comic that reveals the epic origins of this bright, bold world. Meet Darius, a young alchemist on a mission that proves more challenging than he ever imagined. See your favorite heroes like never before later this year , be sure to stay tuned!

Heroes of Skyrealm Arena PvP: Global leaderboards, three-player co-op boss challenges, and arena fights are only the beginning of Heroes of Skyrealmโ€™s multiplayer offerings. Far above the surface, the floating island fortresses of the stratosphere are host to a brutal PvP mode that we call a TOBA: Tower Offense Battle Arena. Protect your Floatstone fortune with an array of traps, towers, and troops โ€“ and besiege your rivalsโ€™ islands in heroic combat to earn serious rewards.

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