Galleon hero
Attack Melee
Role Defense
Nation Stronghold Isles
Combat Skills
Skills Flash Flood
Anchor Management
Feeding Frenzy
Fury Skills Captain's Clash
War Chest
Tidal Shield

What you need to know


Once a feared pirate captain, Galleon's incredible transformation has only increased his hunger for plunder on the high seas. Although Galleon is a valuable ally, steer clear when there's blood in the water...

The fearsome beast known as Galleon once dedicated his career to finding Yuhai, the elusive Jade Queen. But her greed proved contagious, and Galleon claimed the lost Azure Fang for himself, only to lose his humanity in the process. 

Hero Abilities

Gal skill 3
Tidal Shield
A quick forward jump that damages enemies.
Gal skill 1
Flash Flood
A jet of water that damages enemies and causes knockback.
Gal skill 2
Anchor Management
Galleon jumps, unleashing a teeth-rattling shockwave that causes enemies to attack each other in the confusion.
Gal skill 4
Feeding Frenzy
Galleon takes a bite out of his enemies.
Gal skill 5
Captain’s Clash
A violent anchor swing that reduces Hyper Armor.
Gal skill 6
Maelstrom Chest
Galleon opens an accursed treasure, dealing continuous damage to enemies within range.

Tips for playing Galleon

  • Affinity awarded when combined with other Heroes include: Yuhai and Richter
  • Affinity with Equipments:
    • Breed of Greed: Valor Emblem
    • Grasping Desire: Sinful Tankard


Heroes of Skyrealm Mobile Action RPG – Galleon Combat Abilities

Heroes of Skyrealm Mobile Action RPG – Galleon Combat Abilities