Gatline hero
Attack Ranged
Role Offense
Nation Nexon Republic
Combat Skills
Skills Rocket Jump
Piercing Shot
Fury Skills Napalm Blast
Spider Mine
Missile Barrage

What you need to know


As ingenious as she is unstable, Gatline embodies Skyrealm's dangerous spirit of invention. The Empire would like nothing more than to put her to work in their fearsome weapon labs, but they make SUCH good targets... 

Hero Abilities

Rocket Jump: Gatline boosts forward and grants nearby allies a Movement Speed bonus for 4 seconds after landing.
Piercing Shot: Gatline fires a custom round that deals Physical Damage, pushes enemies back, and inflicts [Slow], which slows target movement.
Full-Auto: Gatline fires continuously for 3 seconds, dealing Physial Damage. Gatline can be rotated while firing.
Fury Skill 1 - Napalm Blast: A flame blast that deals Physical Damage, leaving flames on the ground for another 4 seconds. Deals extra damage to enemies caught in the flames. Target with [Burn] suffer 35% increased damage.
Fury Skill 2 - Spider Mine: Gatline unleashes a spider mine at the target that deals Physical Damage and decreases enemy Speed by 45%.
Fury Skill 3 - Missile Barrage: A devastating barrage of missles that deal Physical Damage. Targets with [Burn] Debuff suffer 35% increased damage.

Tips for playing Gatline