Cerunos 1
Attack Melee
Role Offense
Nation Yaoguai Kingdoms
Combat Skills
Skills Harden Scales
Dragon Quake
Regent's Roar
Fury Skills Jade Force
Rising Slash
Dragon's Wrath

What you need to know

Guan-Long mainly deals physical attack damage to enemies. He is a great choice for burst of damages at melee range during team fights.


Loyal and proud, Guan-Long leads his province of the Yaoguai Kingdoms with wisdom and restraint. Yet even his legendary patience is tested by the omens of war.

Infused with the power and spirit of an immortal dragon-spirit, Guan-Long fights for the freedom of Skyrealm above all else. He also seeks to learn the fate of his dragon-brothers, but the treacherous Fei-Jiang opposes him at every turn.

Hero Skills

GL skill 3
Harden Scales
A simple incantation that absorbs damage, and grants a small amount of Fury when it expires.
GL skill 1
Dragon Quake
A circular halberd attack that deals damage and causes afflicted enemies to lose Fury.
GL skill 2
Regent’s Roar
An infuriating taunt that deals damage , causes nearby enemies to attack Guan-Long, and reduces their Attack Power.
GL skill 4
Jade Force
Striking the earth, Guan-Long deals damage to enemies caught in the shockwave.
GL skill 5
Rising Slash
Guan-Long knocks an enemy into the air, dealing damage and sharply reducing Hyper Armor.
GL skill 6
Dragon’s Wrath
Guan-Long unlocks his true power for {0} seconds, increasing his Movement Speed and creates an aura which rapidly deals damage to enemies around.

Tips for playing Guan-Long

  • Unlock special buffs through Affinity 


  • In the early stages of development, Guan-Long's original name was Cerunos.