Heroes of Skyrealm is a 3D mobile action RPG developed by Mechanist Games and published by Six Waves Inc. There are over 30 upgradable characters with 6 combat abilities and 10 nations in the game. You can also have an upgradable airship. With availability in over 60 countries, the game is now available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game is now available in 6 different languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. There is also an online comic that tells the story of the events leading up to where the game starts.


Heroes of Skyrealm is a team-based mobile game that combines the action of a hack and slack RPG with battle strategy of an RTS. Summoning over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilities and play styles. Each player is able to have a team of 3 heroes to use when entering battle. While you are controlling one hero, the other two will attack automatically. Using powerful attack or support spells, heroes are able to blast foes from distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slash your enemies with massive swords and melee weapons.

The game offers over 7 different game modes, each with a different kind of gameplay. While the solo-adventure game mode is only available in one server, game modes like Duel, Arena, and Stronghold are cross-server.

There are different game modes in Heroes of Skyrealm for both single player and co-op. Players control a party of one to three heroes in action combat, switching between them as desired to unleash unique combat skills and combo attacks.


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As the leader of a rebellious band of heroes, players take command of a city in the sky, a vast and upgradeable airships that also serves as the main interface between battles.

But the real key to Heroes of Skyrealm is combat โ€“ and with responsive controls and smart companion AI, leading a 3-hero team into battle is easy and compelling. A meaty single-player campaign leads into massive, real-time 3-player co-op challenges and a wide range of PvP modes โ€“ including several that put user-generated content front and center.

With a strong cast of over 30 playable characters drawn from ten distinct nations, every hero illuminates a different corner of Skyrealm. While combat and idle animations illuminate their personalities, unlockable comic vignettes delve deeper into this bright and vibrant world. Though gameplay is the core of Heroes of Skyrealm, characters are at its heart.

For players that like to tinker with builds and tactics, taking new heroes into battle and discovering new synergies is half the fun. But even if players focus on their favorite trio, characters can be garrisoned in airship structures to grant bonuses, making roster expansion critical for every playstyle.
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  • Fight for your home โ€“ Battle across the Ten Nations of Skyrealm, from the pirate-infested waters of the Storm Isles to the soaring battlements of Falcon's Landing
  • Command powerful heroes โ€“ Recruit from a colorful roster of over 30 characters, including steampunk soldiers, brutal beasts, ghostly gunslingers, clockwork champions, and many more
  • Illuminate the pastโ€“ Discover a world of heroism, rivalry, and betrayal in collectible character comic vignettes
  • Rule from the sky โ€“ Plan your next move from a dynamically-upgradeable 3D airship, and garrison off-duty heroes to augment your facilities
  • Craft powerful weaponry โ€“ Augment your hero builds with rare, fully-modeled weapons that reinforce your favorite skills and play style
  • Never fight alone โ€“ Challenge the campaign solo with your favorite three-character team, or adventure with friends through massive co-op encounters
  • Play your way โ€“ Prove your strength and tactical skills on competitive leaderboards and real-time PvP modes