Kong hero
Attack Melee
Role Offense
Nation The Frontier
Combat Skills
Skills Havoc Hop
Phantom Wave
Fury Skills Thousand Strikes
Thundering Slam
Phantom Mystery

What you need to know

Kong is a 3-star hero, this means 100 Kong Hero Shards are required to summon him.


If the gods of legend still watch over Skyrealm, Kong is proof that they have a strange sense of humor. Delighting in chaos, this trickster appears once in every age to make Skyrealm just a little bit more... interesting. Has he found a conscience at last? 

Hero Abilities

Havoc Hop: A charging attack that deals Physical Damage and restores a little Fury.
Phantom Wave: Kong swings his staff, sending a phantom forward that deals Physical Damage and decreases enemy movement by 35% for 5 seconds.
Double: Kong creates a phantom clone with Attack Power and HP that lasts for seconds. If Phantom Mastery is active, you can create two.
Fury Skill 1 - Thousand Strikes: A multi-hit staff technique that deals Physical Damage.
Fury Skill 2 - Thundering Slam: A savage staff barrage that deals Physical Damage and reduces Hyper Armor.
Fury Skill 3 - Phantom Mastery: Kong summons a phantom clone with 100% Attack power that copies his movements and lasts for seconds.

Tips for playing Kong