Attack Melee
Role Offense
Combat Skills
Skills Aphotic Shield
Avenging Blow
Banishing Blades
Fury Skills Wanderer's Wave
Sword of Sorrow
Shadow Vortex

What you need to know


Equally responsible for Ghulstadt's fall as his brother Reinhard, Richter seeks redemption for the Princes' War by scouring the undead in his homeland in battle... one zombie at a time.

Hero Skills

Aphotic Shield
A shield that absorbs up to {0} Physical Damage and increases Richter's Movement Speed.
Avenging Bow
Richter sends out a row of phantom swords, dealing damage and reducing enemy movement speed.
Banishing Blades
Richter spins with his sword dealing damage to enemies in his path and granting himself immunity to Magic Damage.
Wanderer's Wave
A leaping slash that deals damage.
Sword of Sorrow
Richter launches an enemy into the air, dealing damage and sharply reducing Hyper Armor.
Shadow Vortex
A reckless leaping attack that deals damage and inflicts [Freeze] for seconds.

Tips for playing Richter

  • Unlock special buffs through Affinity 
  • Banishing Blades is a great choice of attack when trying to deal more damages to champions or bosses at the end of the level.  
  • Attack enough to have Sword of Sorrow, so that you can fight against stronger Heroes and enemies