Joining the Heroes Association to fight monsters, you are fighting monsters and bosses that have taken over different lands to free it from the evil Unbroken. Beth and Darius are from the Heroes Association and have joined you, by leading you onto different missions.


With over 10 chapters and more than 9 stages in each, you can complete them in two diffculty settings; Normal and Elite. Fighting different monsters along the path, you are often faced with a monster at the end of each stage.In certain stages, you are required to protect a NPC. There are scenarios in which your heroes are running away from a boss. Each stage and chapter becomes more difficult. 


Keep track of your NPC's location by following the glowing arrow that floats around your Hero. 

NPC Protect1
NPC Protect3

There are stages in which you are required to protect a NPC. In these instances there are a number of things you can do to protect them safely:

  • Melee heroes are a great choice when protecting NPC because it helps to keep enemies away. Monsters tend to surround the NPC at close range, thus a melee character can help to kill them before they reach closer
  • It is best to not run too far away from the NPC, there are monsters that could spawn behind or very near the NPC. If you are too far away, your NPC may endure too much damage.

It is best to avoid using Auto-Play during stages in which you are protecting a NPC. When Heroes are moving automatically, they are likely to find and attack the closest enemy in range, which may cause your Heroes to be too far away from the NPC. 

In addition, playing with auto will cause the Heroes to walk behind the NPC. Occasionally, it may stop and not move because your Heroes are too close.