Stronghold is the TOBA game mode. It is the core of every isalnd. It uses minions that you can deploy to help you deal with traps and the enemy’s minions that come after you as you fight your way to their castle. As you defeat the Unbroken and other player’s strongholds, you will be able to upgrade and enhance your own castle. Castle Level affects your overall Power Level.

When you click on My Stronghold, you will be promopted with several options, such as:

  • Info: Lists information and statistics regarding your Stronghold. This includes Daily Yield, Slot, Deployable Trap, Max. Barriers, Wall Damage, Deployable Turrets, Wall Hitpoint, and Leadership. The level of your Stronghold, as well as the amount of Trophies you have will also be listed.
  • Card: Showcases all the cards that are available for use and upgrade for your Stronghold. Cards that have not been summoned or activated will remain greyed out.
  • Store: Stronghold Store allows you to purchase items that can help with upgrading or enhancing your weapons and Cards. 
  • Garrison: Garrison is your combat team.
  • Map: This is a map of your Stronghold. Here you can set your traps and where your garrison will be, as well as where the attacking enemy will start from. 
Stronghold Map

Your Stronghold Map

Stronghold Battle

Screen before engaging in battle.