Attack Ranged
Role Defense
Nation Harakite Wastes
Combat Skills
Skills Dune Shield
Veil Sting
Fury Skills Tail Swing
Evil Grasp
Death for All

What you need to know


Thousands of years ago, the sand-magi of the Harakite Dominion bound their strongest servants to eternal service. Sutek is the last of his kind, and the empire he served is gone – but he still protects the Wastes from foolish trespassers.

Hero Skills

Dune Shield
Sutek conjures a shield that absorbs Magic damage, and grants a small amount of Fury when destroyed.
Veil Sting
Sutek stings enemies in a cone, dealing damage and inflicting [Poison]. Enemies with [Poison] suffer a penalty to received healing.
Sutek conjures a desert cyclone, dealing damage per second to enemies caught inside and reducing their Movement and Attack Speed.
Tail Swing
A sweeping sword strike that deals damage.
Evil Grasp
Sutek absorbs HP from each surrounding enemy and cures himself of two debuffs.
Death For All
Sutek leaps into the air, crashing to the ground to deal damage and inflict [Stun] for seconds.

Tips for playing Sutek

  • Unlock special buffs through Affinity