Attack Ranged
Role Support
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Combat Skills
Skills Reckless Rush
Healing Hypo
Stun Darts
Fury Skills Deliberating Dose
Stim Pack
Heal and Hinder

What you need to know

Syrene is a perfect support to your team. She is able to debuff and heal you team during combat battles. The healing ability is great for keeping your allies' HP high. In addition to her support abilities, she deals damage and penalizes enemies from afar. 

A great way to summon Syrene is through the First-Time Purchase Bonus. You can also summon her through the Hero Pack, which is great for leveling up her stars. 


Expelled from the Unbroken Medical Corps for developing unsanctioned experimental treatments, this once-promising alchemist has found great success as a mercenary. For Syrene, every battle is a new chance for research!

Hero Abilities

Reckless Rush: A quick teleport that increases Syrene's Magic Attack.
Healing Hypo: A quick injection that heals allies and deals damage to enemies.
Stun Darts: Syrene fires three poisoned darts that deal damage and reduce the target's Movement and Attack Speed.
Fury Skill 1 - Deliberating Dose: Syrene heals nearby allies and removes a random debuff.
Fury Skill 2 - Stim Pack: An invigorating concoction that increases nearby allies' Movement and Attack Speed.
Fury Skill 3 - Heal and Hinder: Syrene puts up a mobile shield for 8 seconds. Allies within the shield suffers less damage and regain HP.

Tips for playing Syrene

  • Use Syrene in stages that require you to have higher HPs when completing levels to reach 3 stars