Attack Ranged
Role Offense
Nation Falcon's Landing
Combat Skills
Skills Harden Scales
Dragon Quake
Regent's Roar
Fury Skills Jade Force
Rising Slash
Dragon's Wrath

What you need to know


Raised in the hermetic environment of an Unbroken spacecraft, Vandyne's time in Skyrealm has essentially been one long sneezing fit. Her custom electrical rig gives her incredible speed... and a certain nervous unpredictability.

Hero Skills

Static Shift
Vandyne teleports a short distance forward, dealing damage to enemies in her way and inflicting [Paralyze].
Vandyne overloads her magnetic rig, dealing damage to nearby enemies and increasing allies' Movement and Attack Speed.
Shock Nova
Vandyne launches plasma spheres that deal damage and cause knockback.
Lightning Lance
A blast of electricity that deals damage to all enemies in an arc.
Plasma Orbs
A supercharged lightning strike that deals damage and sharply reduces Hyper Armor.
Thunder Bolts
Vandyne puts up an electrical force field for 3 seconds that reduces enemy Movement Speed.

Tips for playing Vandyne

  • Unlock special buffs through Affinity