Luhai hero
Attack Ranged
Role Offense
Nation Stormstone Isles
Combat Skills
Skills Serpent Dash
Burning Flare
Edges of Jade
Fury Skills Exploding Shot
Slash of Phoenix
Dance of Blades

What you need to know

A 1Star Hero, Yuhai can be summoned with 20 Hero Shards


Yuhai was once a pirate queen without peer. Born in the flames of an Imperial raid, her thirst for vengeance and wealth has earned her allies, rival captains, and spy contacts across the world. With her fleet in ruins, the Empire underestimates her strength. Bad idea.

Hero Abilities

Serpent Dash: Yuhai charges at the enemy, dealing Chaos Damage and granting her a bit of fury.
Burning Flare: Yuhai fires an explosive flare that deals Chaos Damage to enemies caught in the blast, as well as reducing Movement and Attack Speed by a specific percentage for seconds.
Edge of Jade: Yuhai's cutlass deals Chaos Damage to enemies in a line and pulls them towards her.
Fury Skill 1 - Exploding Shot: An explosive round that deals Chaos Damage.
Fury Skill 2 - Slash of Phoenix: Yuhai plunges her sword into the ground, dealing Chaos Damage to enemies in an arc and sharply reducing their Hyper Armor.
Fury Skill 3 - Dance of Blades: A powerful sword thrust that deals Chaos Damage.

Tips for playing Yuhai


  • In the early stages of development, Yuhai's original name was Luhai.